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Have you started to prepare early enough for your future M&A goals?

Starting early and doing the requisite work up-front can make the acquisition process more efficient and less painful for both parties.

  • M&A consultants and sellers screen prospective buyers based on their PurchasingPower™ scores.
  • A verified PurchasingPower™ score substantiates the information provided in the Practice Profile. This is the same documentation required for the financing process; when verified on PurchasingPower™ it makes the acquisition process more efficient.
  • PurchasingPower™ scores provide transparency to sellers about your preparedness to acquire a practice, reducing the qualified buyer to seller ratio in your favor.
  • Our PurchasingPower™ Profile can help you market yourself to sellers on APBOE and in your local market via email, mail, and in-person meetings.

Our Buyer Representatives are equipped to help buyers increase their PurchasingPower™ scores on APBOE. Our Team can offer insight on how to better position yourself as a buyer in the rapidly growing market of M&A activity.