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Business Banking Partner Referrals

APBOE Listing Wire
3.3 x

Are you banking with a partner who is willing to finance your growth and provide personalized service? Many banks do not offer financial advisors access to commercial loans, lines of credit, or personalized customer service tailored to your practice. SkyView can introduce you to bank partners who offer access to:

  • Commercial loans and lines of credit
  • Dedicated, personal customer service
  • Guidance and recommendations on structuring your business accounts, raising mobile deposit limits, and faster processing
  • Account representative’s direct number for speed and ease of use

Community vs. Large Bank Comparison

Have you thought of what you’re missing working with a large national bank instead of a community bank in the SkyView Partners’ Network? Consider the following comparison for your wealth management practice and its banking needs:

Large Banks SkyView
Network Bank
Does not compete with you for your clients X
Understands your Business X
Availability of Advisor Financing
Lines of Credit X
Conventional Commercial Advisory Loans X
Commercial Real Estate Loans X
Banking Services
Business (operating account) checking and savings X X
Dedicated treasury management representative to your practice X
Account representative’s direct number X
Customized demo of online services/user interface X
Pricing analysis of current bank partner X
Cash management analysis of your business banking account X
Overdraft Protections/Sweep X
Payroll Services X X
Prepaid Cards X X
Merchant Services X X
Business eBanking Services
Online/Mobile Banking X X
Payments X X
Deposits (Mobile/Remote) X X
Money Management X X
Wire Transfers X X

SkyView Partners utilizes its national network of progressive, well-capitalized banks to provide financial advisors with increased choice, flexibility, efficiency, competitive rates and personalized service. SkyView can help you identify which of our community bank partners can assist you with a tailored solution for your financing and banking needs.