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SkyView focuses exclusively on providing independent and registered investment advisors (RIAs) access to our tenured investment banking team to address your M&A initiatives.

From initial strategic planning through the successful closing and funding of your transaction, our investment banking team has industry-specific expertise to guide your M&A transaction to close.

As a client advocate, our team employs a breadth and depth of resources and people to ensure the results align with your goals and objectives. 

SkyView’s Investment Banking Team focuses on representing business owners who desire a variety of transactions, including full sales, partial sales, sell & consult, and mergers. Our Team will take the time to learn the financial and non-financial factors that are important to contemplating the sale of a practice and will customize our process and timeline for each advisor’s needs.


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Choose Your Legacy

Who do you want to sell your wealth management practice to and how do you want to sell it?

Advisors can source prospective buyers from within their current practice with an internal sale or from a buyer outside their organization. There are pros and cons to each sale type:

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External Sale

Sale to an advisor outside of your practice


  • Can collateralize two practices for financing
  • External buyers may have higher personal net worth


  • Potential different service model & investment philosophy
  • No pre-existing relationship with client base
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Merge In®

Combines a sale to an external buyer and a junior partner


  • Liquidity event for seller with bank financing at attractive multiples
  • Internal advisor to maintain continuity of service model and investment philosophy
  • External advisor with tenured experience to co-manage firm


  • Higher level of coordination required for buyers and seller
  • Junior partner does not retain complete ownership at complete-sale
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Internal Sale

Sale to an advisor within your practice


  • Continuity of service model & investment philosophy
  • Pre-existing relationship with client base


  • Junior buyers may not have enough financial strength
  • Financing contingent on collateralizing one practice only

In addition to flexibility around selling to an advisor inside or outside the practice, today's financial advisors have multiple sale structure options, including the following:

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Complete Sale

  • Full sale of practice
  • Cash at close
  • Planned transition over 12-24 months
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Partial Sale

  • Sell in planned increments over a scheduled period of time
  • Liquidity event
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Sell & Consult

  • Full sale but seller remians engaged for an agreed-upon period of time
  • Establised post-sale role for the seller
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Move to Acquire

  • Buyer transitions to the seller's broker dealer/custodian
  • Operations continue under the seller's brand

SkyView Investment Banking can help an advisor determine how much their wealth management practice is worth, evaluate the best time to sell, and achieve the optimal sale price. 

Regardless of what path you elect, our Investment Banking Team will help select the right buyer, construct an appropriate deal structure, and secure financing to ensure the legacy of your practice.


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