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Gauges prospective buyers creditworthiness and readiness to acquire another practice.

  • Completion of My Practice Profile
    • Get Prequalified for bank financing
    • Completion of current valuation from a verified valuation provider
    • APBOE’s banks accept valuations from a select group of providers
  • Banking Relationship
  • Liquidity for Down Payment
  • Valuation Services
  • Preferred M&A Consulting Services
APBOE Listing Wire
3.3 x

APBOE Buyer Designations

APBOE offers buyers the ability to qualify for distinct designations: NextLevel™ and Xccelerate™.

APBOE buyers who qualify for a designation appreciate the following benefits:

Standard Xccelerate™ Nextlevel™
Search Listings X X X
Bookmark Listings X X X
Acquire Practices X X X
Purchasing Power™ Score & Verification X X X
Early Notification of New Listings X X
Access to APBOE Mobile App (Spring 2022) X X
Access to Online Buyer Pitch Book Generator X X
Access to Templated M&A Document Virtual Data Room X X
Annual Xccelerate™ Investment Banking Conference X
Annual Nextlevel™ Investment Banking Conference X
Access to APBOE Buyer Representative X
Dedicated APBOE Buyer Representative X
Certified APBOE Valuation + X(Annual) X(Semi-Annual)
Bypass 8 of 10 Investment Banking Buyer Diligence Phases X
Semi-Annual Investment Banking Reporting X
Exclusive Access to “Off-Market” Listings X
Monthly Designation Fee $0 $125 $750
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