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Gauges prospective buyers creditworthiness and readiness to acquire another practice.

  • Completion of My Practice Profile
    • Get Prequalified for bank financing
    • Completion of current valuation from a verified valuation provider
    • APBOE’s banks accept valuations from a select group of providers
  • Banking Relationship
  • Liquidity for Down Payment
  • Valuation Services
  • Preferred M&A Consulting Services
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What’s your PurchasingPower?

PurchasingPower™ is a scoring methodology that gauges the credit worthiness and readiness of a buyer’s ability to acquire another wealth management practice.

Industry publications state there are 50 buyers for every seller in the financial services industry, but we find that not to be the case. Rather, only 4 to 5 buyers for every seller complete the necessary work to acquire. Ultimately, PurchasingPower™ scores provide sellers with increased transparency into a potential buyer's ability to purchase another practice by analyzing over 30 data points.

Some key factors that determine your PurchasingPower score:

  • Completion of My Practice Profile
  • Completion of current valuation from a verified valuation provider
  • Banking relationship with a bank who funds advisory loans
  • Liquidity for down payment
  • Verification from documentation, including:
    • Gross Revenue Report
    • Valuation
    • Model Investment Portfolio

National Leaderboard

National financial advisor ranking of creditworthiness and readiness to purchase another practice.

  1. Diversified, LLC, DEStandard 9.42
  2. Coastal Wealth Management, CTNextLevel™ 9.37
  3. Kuttin Wealth Management, NYNextLevel™ 8.67
  4. ProWealth Financial, MNStandard 8.67
  5. Monarch, CAStandard 8.59
  6. E.A. Buck, HIXccelerate™ 8.53
  7. Credent Wealth Management, INNextLevel™ 8.49
  8. Aligne Wealth LLC, CAStandard 8.44
  9. Atlas, NJNextLevel™ 8.23
  10. Windsor Oak Wealth Management, GAXccelerate™ 8.05

FAQs: PurchasingPower™

Prospective buyers who complete the PurchasingPower™ verification process are assigned a rating from 1 to 10. Verified PurchasingPower™ scores are provided to buyers after all required documents have been uploaded.

How is the PurchasingPower score calculated?

The algorithm for generating a PurchasingPower™ score was developed by seasoned credit and investment banking analysts. There are over 30 factors that determine the score and are gathered during the verification process.

Why would I get a PurchasingPower score?

Verified PurchasingPower™ scores are obtained by financial advisors who are interested in buying another financial advisor practice. PurchasingPower™ ratings allow sellers to select which buyers are most appropriate to purchase their financial advisor practice. PurchasingPower™ scores can be used to market yourself to prospective sellers in your area.

How are the PurchasingPower scores utilized?

APBOE provides PurchasingPower™ scores to advisors interested in selling their practice and their sell side M&A consultants to determine the creditworthiness and readiness of the buyer to purchase a practice.

How can I attain the highest PurchasingPower score?

Each factor in determining PurchasingPower™ has a different weighting. For more information in evaluating how to improve your current score, please call our APBOE Consulting Team at (800) 263-4908.

What documents are required for PurchasingPower score verification?

  • Gross Revenue Report (screenshot acceptable)
  • Model Investment Portfolios
  • Valuation (optional but highly recommended)
  • M&A Consulting Services (optional)
  • Credit Authorization (optional)

For assistance in the verification process and uploading documents, please call our APBOE Consulting Team at (800) 263-4908.

All verification documentation stored in secure virtual data room.

Buyer Designations

Buyers who receive the Xccelerate™ or NextLevel™ designation do not receive higher PurchasingPower™ scores. Designees receive exclusive access and advanced to seller listings in addition to additional buyer functionality