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Gauges prospective buyers creditworthiness and readiness to acquire another practice.

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    • APBOE’s banks accept valuations from a select group of providers
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There are many things an advisor can do to prepare early to successfully achieve their M&A goals. Our Buyer Representative Team is here to assist you with your M&A or succession plan initiatives for your wealth management practice.

Purchasing Power

Buyers that have a PurchasingPower score are better positioned for M&A transactions. Our scoring methodology gauges a buyer’s creditworthiness and readiness to acquire another practice.

RIA Investment Banking

SkyView’s investment banking team focuses exclusively on providing M&A consulting to mid-market advisory practices. Our tenured investment banking team can direct deal structure that is amenable to buyer, seller and banker.

Valuation Referrals

By working with one of our M&A Consulting Partners, you can not only adopt an annual valuation service, but you can also ensure deals will be more efficient and successful in closing. All SkyView Network Banks require a 3rd party valuation in order to secure financing.

Buyer Identification

With the number of buyers in the market today, selecting a buyer to purchase your practice can be overwhelming. The reality is there are only 4 to 5 qualified buyers for every seller. Advisors need experts who can help them identify the best buyer candidates. Ultimately, the complete or partial sale experience can be efficient, simpler, and more satisfying for both parties.