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There are many things an advisor can do to prepare early to successfully achieve their M&A goals. Our Buyer Representative Team is here to assist you with your M&A or succession plan initiatives for your wealth management practice.


Buyers that have a PurchasingPower™ score are better positioned for M&A transactions. Our scoring methodology gauges a buyer’s creditworthiness and readiness to acquire another practice.

RIA Investment Banking

SkyView’s investment banking team focuses exclusively on providing M&A consulting to mid-market advisory practices. Our tenured investment banking team can direct deal structure that is amenable to buyer, seller and banker.

Valuation Referrals

By working with one of our M&A Consulting Partners, you can not only adopt an annual valuation service, but you can also ensure deals will be more efficient and successful in closing. All SkyView Network Banks require a 3rd party valuation in order to secure financing.

Buyer Designations

Buyers who qualify for a APBOE designation – Xccelerate™ or NextLevel™ - have access to additional M&A resources.