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Echelon Partners Logo

ECHELON Partners

ECHELON Partners is the only investment bank and consulting firm focused exclusively on the wealth and investment management industries.  Over the past 19 years the professionals at ECHELON have advised on over 400 transactions, been the exclusive advisor to over 100 wealth managers with over $1BN in AUM, and evaluated over 1,500 acquisition targets.  ECHELON is the leading provider of valuation services for firms with $200MM or more in AUM.  ECHELON’s executive team hails from leading Private Equity firms, Investment Banks, Law Firms, and Valuation Providers.  ECHELON is a three-time winner of the Innovation Award and widely recognized for its Quarterly RIA M&A Deal Report and its Deals and DealMakers Summit.
Skyview Investment Banking Logo

SkyView Investment Banking

SkyView focuses exclusively on providing small to mid-market independent and registered investment advisors access to our tenured investment banking team to address your M&A initiatives. From initial strategic planning through the successful closing and funding of your transaction, SkyView has industry-specific expertise to guide your M&A transaction to close. SkyView’s Investment Banking Team focuses on representing business owners who desire a variety of transactions – including selling all or a portion of their wealth management practice. Our Team understands the financial and non-financial factors that are important to investment advisors contemplating the sale of their practice and will customize a transaction for each advisor’s needs.

FP Transitions

FP Transitions, based in the community of Lake Oswego, Oregon, has a team of 40 people that specialize in building financial service businesses of enduring and transferable value. FP Transitions specializes in the valuation and analysis of the intangibles that make financial services practice unique and valuable. But performing over 11,000 independent business valuations is only the starting point. FP Transitions employs strategies and thinking that build upon a lifetime of work and trusting client relationships with a plan of succession designed to simultaneously realize value for the founder and perpetuate the business for the next generation of advisors.

Advisor Legacy Logo

Advisor Legacy

Advisor Legacy is a comprehensive M&A firm, helping financial advisors grow, protect, and transition their practice to the next generation of owners. The firm provides a personalized, consultative approach. Their team of experts have more than 150 combined years of experience in the financial services industry. Advisor Legacy works with practice owners to assess business value, provide deal support to an existing transaction or partnership, set up a continuity plan for owners, provide Sell Side or Buy Side advice, and provide the legal framework to complete a transition or secure a legacy. 

SMART Concepts Logo

SMART Concepts Group

SMART Concepts Group is a growth-based consulting firm working exclusively with financial advisors. Tom Titus, CEO and Founder of SMART Concepts Group, has developed a comprehensive suite of solutions to help financial advisors maximize their business results. These services can be accessed through either personalized consultation or self-implementation. From legal advice to exceptional valuation services, SMART Concepts Group is motivated to help advisors maximize their potential in the industry.

Your Legacy Partners Logo

Your Legacy Partners

Your Legacy Partners is a boutique M&A advisory firm specializing in the wealth management and B2B service industries. The firm provides valuation, pre-sale consulting and M&A advisory services to small businesses across the US.

Your Legacy Partners leverages decades of experience in wealth management, and assisting owners in the sale of their business, to help ensure our clients accomplish their goals and maximize value. We also utilize expertise gained from analyzing hundreds of companies for potential acquisition to bring a unique and valuable perspective to our clients that helps assess opportunity, risk and value through the eyes of a buyer.  

CMA Consulting Logo

CMA Consulting

Career Management Advisors, CMA Consulting is a boutique M&A Advisory and search resource providing experienced insight and expert counsel to financial services professionals and businesses for growth, transition, and succession. Clients benefit from our unique combination of valuable perspectives gained from serving in senior executive leadership, field management and sales roles representing global banks, brokerage, and investment firms, and private wealth managers. With expertise in law, business strategy and execution, we partner with our clients and deliver a holistic consulting experience to help them achieve desired results. We specialize in Mergers & Acquisitions for both RIA Buyers & Sellers; Placement, Retained Search & Recruiting for Financial Services Firms & Professionals and Business Strategy Consulting.

M&A Consultants Impact Results

There are many reasons to consider hiring an M&A consultant or investment bank if you are the buyer or the seller. The difference between a bad deal and a great deal is rarely about the money, but almost always about the details of the transaction that are overlooked by both parties. Great deals are properly vetted, contractually bound, and both parties feel the risks and concerns have been communicated and addressed.

Below are some of the details that address the key benefits of working with a transition consultant:

  1. Better decision making for the buyer and seller. With assistance from the consultant, better decisions can be made by knowing the right questions to ask and finding the right answers.
  2. Consultants work on transactions every day, whereas most advisors make one to two acquisitions in their entire career.
  3. Consultants provide a conduit for open dialogue between parties. Both sellers and buyers will learn the hard way that most of the mistakes made in transactions come from issues that were never discussed.
  4. Most successful consultants learn to assure the priorities for both sides are addressed and included in the foundation of the contractual transaction.
  5. Consultants are knowledgeable of alternative solutions for the structure of deals from years of finding creative solutions when buyer and seller are not on the same page.
  6. Consultants have experience in securing requisite funding. Buyer and seller rarely have experience with funding options and lack relationships with all viable lenders. Consultants have a firm grasp on the taxation of a transaction.
  7. Consultants have significant experience with the paperwork that is required to begin and close a transaction.

When considering the sale of a home, a significant percentage of homeowners utilize a real estate agent. It seems intuitive to use an expert to facilitate a seamless sale of your wealth management practice as well.

APBOE® relies on the expertise of select M&A consultants to represent buyers and sellers through the acquisition process. The following partners have an established track record of structuring seamless transactions.

If APBOE® should consider another M&A consultant, please email our team at